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Shoreline Business Development Program
Designed to support and grow your Business


The Shoreline Business Development Program© is designed to suit all businesses – no matter what stage of the Business Development Lifecycle they are currently in.

  • Business Start-up
  • Early Growth
  • Focused Strategic Direction
  • Concentrated Executive Support

Our program comprises two phases, the first being Investigation, Planning and Design. During this phase you will receive 9 detailed Business Elements (workbooks) covering all aspects of your business.  These elements will be delivered to you on a regular fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your timing preference.

Under normal circumstances, you will need to allocate a minimum of about three or four hours to complete each element, although this may vary according to the type of business as well as the age and maturity of the business.

As each element is completed, we will meet to ensure that you and your business are achieving the maximum value from our analysis and planning efforts, identifying opportunities to achieve ‘quick wins’ or immediate results from the Business Development process.  Completion of Phase One of the Business Planning process usually takes between 4 and 5 months, however, it is important to realise that we do not wait until the end of this phase before we commence driving change through your business.  As we identify business improvement opportunities, we take immediate action to put them in place.

Phase two is that of Implementation and Action where we hold regular Management Review meetings – a minimum of 6 regular monthly meetings, working together to deliver the change strategies that have been formulated.

Getting Started

Through your first initial FREE 1 hour consultation, we will determine the key attributes of your business and discuss the level of support and guidance appropriate to achieving the best outcome. We will then present you with a written proposal giving you complete visibility of the process. Once agreed we can commence the process straight away.

Benefits of the Shoreline Business Development Program©

Important benefits of the business planning process is that in addition to delivering a complete business plan incorporating change strategies, we will be working together to establish the basics of “robust business management systems” for your business, ensuring we have the appropriate business management tools to:

  • Introduce sound financial management systems and reporting procedures
  • Reduce financial and operating risk using appropriate financial reporting structures
  • Provide necessary financial focus and direction (budgets)
  • Install business processes to improve operational performance (systems and procedures)
  • Develop appropriate growth strategies (marketing and branding) and when the time arrives
  • Secure your human resources through appropriate personnel policies.

Throughout the process, we will take “time out” to ensure that the processes we are following are able to:

  • Achieve the results you are seeking
  • Maintain our delivery and implementation standards
  • Ensure the quality of effort, both yours and ours, and
  • Reliably discover critical information about your business.

The Shoreline Business Development Program© has been designed to ensure you document all the necessary information about your business – with the least amount of hassle!

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